About organicise

Organicise is about learning to open your organic eyes




Organicise can be defined in a few ways:

To organise organically. To lighten up and let life shine. To renew and give yourself room to breath. To move, to produce, to bring nature in and make smarter choices.

Ultimately Organicise is a call to action, enabling you to:

  • Choose life for your home;
  • Exercise your power through your choices;
  • Open your organic eyes and become a reader of labels and fine print;
  • Detox your home.

Meet Vera Hannam Coleman


About vera

With her christian name meaning ‘true’ Vera Hannam Coleman’s passion for and pursuit of the truth was perhaps predestined.

“I’ve always been passionate about truth. Even when I was a child I couldn’t lie without going bright red!” says Vera.

“These days too much knowledge and truth is withheld regarding the things we purchase and use. – it does stress me.

There is so much information online and in the media, it can be incredibly hard to work out what is simply marketing and what is truth. It is especially hard when people are deceived – appealing to a mum’s simple desire for soft towels and blankies for her children without regard for the toxicity of their product.

“My personal quest for truth in health began when my newborn son developed eczema. I was forced to look at environmental factors in our home and come up with alternative solutions…

  • solutions that were safe;
  • solutions that were affordable;
  • solutions that really worked.

“I am thrilled to have been able to write this book and put hands, feet and heart to my passion, and to empower others with the tools they need to detoxify their homes.”


A passion for empowering, enlightening, enabling and educating others.

Vera has been involved in personal and community development, working for both government, non government organisations, and in the private sector.

For over ten years, she was the manager of an inner city community centre, developing preventative measures to help people break out of their limiting mindsets and lifestyles.

And now the next exciting chapter of Vera’s life is writing Organicise to:

  • Empower,
  • Enlighten,
  • Enable, and
  • Educate.

“My hope is that in reading this book you will be inspired to begin the process of reducing chemicals, poisons and electrical pollutants in your life. But even more fundamental to this is my desire that you will set your own standards regarding what will be acceptable in your home and family. That your eyes will become organic eyes, and as a result, a sustainable transformation will begin for you resulting in a life-giving and fresher home environment.