A Journey with Essential Oils


Roda, a young mum talks about her journey with essential oils...

In a world that at times is so inauthentic, it’s nice to have the option to choose simple, natural, genuine, and pure—that’s what essential oils are to me. My older sister, who had started using them to deal with a severe case of Candida, first introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils. Like most people, I didn’t take to them right away. I was newly married, carefree, and had no idea what I would use them for. It wasn’t until after the birth of my son that my eyes opened to the wonder and versatility of their potential. Attending my first “essential oils experience” introductory class, I turned to my sister and said, “why didn’t you tell me about these!” to which she responded, “I did, but you didn’t want to hear it!”

Everyone needs a profound experience with oils to be forever convinced of their potency. Mine was early on when I used Thieves—a blend of eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, lemon, and rosemary—both topically and internally, to deal with a bad case of mastitis. Later it was lavender that impressed me when I used it to heal a terrible rash that my GP told me was bound to leave a scar. 


Essential oils are rising in trend

and becoming available almost everywhere. There is a definite hype around them, which can either attract people, or repel them. The truth is, they have been around for centuries. Used in different ways for different purposes, their potency and benefits were once common knowledge. Household necessities. The go-to for all ailments. They are now making a comeback! 100-10,000 times more potent than herbs, 1 drop applied topically can penetrate through the skin and travel throughout the body in just minutes. Because the structure of the oil is so small and similar to our own, they can penetrate the cell membrane and diffuse through to the blood and tissues. They can even pass through the blood-brain barrier! Clove, for example, can decrease the thickness of blood and as a result enhance circulation. When diffused in the air, essential oils can increase atmospheric oxygen and provide negative ions, which in turn inhibits bacterial growth. Talk about air purification and neutralizing of odours! They act as natural chelators, binding with heavy metals and petrochemicals—even able to break down potentially harmful chemicals and render them nontoxic! Wow talk about detoxifier! The sad thing is only 2% of essential oils produced today are used for therapeutic purposes—supporting the body’s systems. The rest are diluted, adulterated, and used for the perfume and cosmetic industry. The complexity of essential oils is so ingenuous, it doesn’t disturb the body’s natural balance. Synthetic chemicals however, can play all sorts of havoc.


Why do I use essential oils?

Well, I figure with the amount of toxins I am exposed to daily, and have been in the past, it’s nice to know I can choose something that is non-toxic and health giving—detoxifying, regenerating, healing and protecting. I have a four-year-old son that I am passionate about giving the best possible health foundation. Essential oils, as I see them, is a building block for health. They are versatile, fun, and integrative. I make roll-on blends that we can all use for various ailments and symptoms. My son particularly loves his blend for tummy aches.

For myself, I use essential oils in place of synthetic fragrances—that are disruptive to the endocrine system and potentially toxic to organs. I use them to support my emotions, which as a mother of a 4-year-old boy, is on a daily basis! I have grown to love the smell of certain oils and realized it changes over time depending on what my body needs. I recently underwent a stem cell transplant as treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and 1 year out, I’ve had to deal with some side affects and symptoms. I rotate oils on my nightstand depending on my needs:

o Breathe Again, RC, Myrtle, Peppermint-supports the respiratory system; relaxes airways, makes breathing easier, loosens mucus build up, and reduces coughing.

o Lady Sclareol, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, SclarEssence, and Joy-balancing hormones (endocrine system) and emotional support.

o Lavender-accelerates healing of the skin: blemishes, scars, bruises, and infections.

o Frankincense-uplifts spirit, oxygenates the brain, and healing for the skin.

o DiGize-relieves tummy issues—indigestion, heartburn, gas, and bloating.


All the ways in which essential oils support the body—physically and emotionally—may not be seen initially, but having learned and experienced Young Living Essential Oils, I am reassured of the benefits and potential of these oils. Whether I am having a rough and emotional day and need some extra help working through emotions, in need of relief for sore muscles, or some symptom management, essential oils are now my go-to. They are simple, and yet so beautifully complex.

Young Living Essential Oils

YL Dalmatia Aromatic Farm—Split, Croatia. This farm was founded with the intention of becoming a sustainable source for the popular Helichrysum oil, but the location has since continued to grow and cultivate even more botanicals.   

YL Dalmatia Aromatic Farm—Split, Croatia. This farm was founded with the intention of becoming a sustainable source for the popular Helichrysum oil, but the location has since continued to grow and cultivate even more botanicals.





Vera Coleman