5 Benefits of Detoxing Your Home the Organicise Way ...


1/  YOU WILL HAVE A HEALTHIER HOME and feel better

Simply minimise your toxic load by reducing your exposure to toxins. The volume of toxic chemicals used in our everyday products is alarming.   Chemicals cause harm through absorption of the skin and inhalation. Our bodies are designed to naturally expel harmful substances but when the exposure and absorption exceeds the body's elimination systems the buildup can have serious consequences.

Start one step at a time, one product at a time. Let's take hair shampoo; READ LABELS and avoid SULFATES, PARABENS, FRAGRANCES, MINERAL OILS and DIOXANES. I started by purchasing my products from an organic supplier which was expensive but these days you can purchase decent shampoo and conditioner at supermarkets. Increase your knowledge and check those labels.



Improve the quality of the air indoors by opening your windows and airing out your home daily. Our bodies live off oxygen; every system in your body benefits from increased oxygen. The home is a closed environment with concentrations of pollutants that impact the quality of the air you breathe and live in. Nature has a mechanism to freshen outdoor air and dilute the concentration of pollutants. A daily exchange is vital to your wellbeing.

Removing dust eases your breathing. Your home has dust. Dust comes from objects in the environment and from the people, bugs and animals in it. Did you know that humans lose a mass of dead skin cells every minute? Common biological pollutants also include dust mites, infectious agents (bacteria and viruses), mould and pollen.

Much of the dust in our homes comes in through our shoes. Put a large floor mat at the front and back door. A doormat reduces the amount of dirt, pesticides, and other pollutants from getting into your home. If the mat is big enough, even those who don't wipe their shoes will leave most pollutants on the mat – not the floors in your home.

Love that fresh air!



A healthy home is a sanctuary - your own wellness centre. You should be able to relax at home, to have fun, be creative, enjoy and work productively. Do the environmental factors at your place contribute to this or to stress, lethargy, to a gloomy outlook?

Another pollutant we can overlook is electromagnetic energy. Although we can’t see, smell or taste them, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) constantly do surround us. They are emitted from the electrical and electronic devices we have in our homes, from wireless devices, from our homes’ electrical wiring and outside power lines. If it uses electricity it emits some kind of EMF. If it is electrical and you are not using it, turn it off at the power point, it will save you money as well as reducing the EMFs. 

Even Telstra and Apple have warnings about exposure to EMFs. Check out my Journal article for more info on EMFs and your mobile phone. 



Your bed is your cosy place to rest that weary body and replenish. A toxic environment can interfere with it being a place where you can unwind and rest. In the bedroom you can be exposed to toxins while you are sleeping - the laundry detergent used on your sheets and pjs, your bedding material, dyes, the mattress, fragrance from a candle using synthetic fragrance and EMFs - electromagnetic fields. Two separate times come to mind when I became unwell upon going to bed. One was related to an electric clock radio on the bedside table, I would feel this stress in my head whenever I laid down. I even went to the doctor about it! I discovered the cause myself and it all stopped once that clock was gone. It's best to switch off all electricals at the powerpoint before sleep. I had a similar epiphany when, in another home, I put the router under the bed - how foolish was I!!!

My worst experience happened this year when I purchased a new mattress. I was affected for over two days after exposure to chemicals in that mattress, it really was a nightmare. I neglected to read the label. Did you know that mattress foam is fumigated and gassed; that highly toxic flame retardants are in your mattress; and they use terrible glue when putting the mattress together?

Babies and toddlers spend 10-14 hours a day sleeping and playing on their bed. Please take special care in purchasing a mattress for them and in the purchase and washing of the bedlinen. Children’s respiratory, neurological, reproductive, and immune systems are in the early stages of development making them particularly vulnerable to toxic chemicals. 

The organicise process provides a pathway to minimise these pollutants and create a better environment so that your bedroom is a place of rest and supports quality sleep.  Fresh air + dust free + no emfs + no toxic chemicals!!



Living an integrated life reflects in your home environment and in your general wellbeing. When you detox your home, the increased knowledge and action can result in lifestyle changes that become habits that benefit you. This is more likely to survive if your actions align with your core values. Organicise can help you get in sync with your values giving you the win factor and increasing your sense of accomplishment.


Happy detoxing!





Vera Coleman