Organicise Book

Organicise Book

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Good habits come from informed decisions. Reading keeps us well-versed, knowledgeable. Much time and research along with practicality has gone into this little book. I keep it on hand to refresh me along the way.

Your home is the one place where you can take control and make informed and healthy choices about exactly what enters your world. The Organicise book is invaluable and unique in how it walks you through your home, establishing and reinforcing positive habits - greater well being for human beings.

Following my five-step process is a simple, easy and effective way to fine-tune our lives to what is important. The book offers the reader the opportunity to increase knowledge in a manageable way, with the result of making informed choices and being equipped to directly impact the health of the home environment.

“My hope is that in reading this book you will be inspired to begin the process of reducing chemicals, poisons and electrical pollutants in your life. But even more fundamental to this is my desire that you will set your own standards regarding what will be acceptable in your home and family. That your eyes will become organic eyes, and as a result, a sustainable transformation will begin for you resulting in a life-giving and fresher home environment.

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