Learn to Detox your house and lifestyle to

feel fresher and more comfortable


Organicise Services

Vera is an experienced trainer and has worked in the community sector for over 20 years, successfully delivering small to large group workshops and seminars for transformational change.  


Community-based Workshops

Learn the 5 step process that creates life-changing habits with positive outcomes in the lives of participants and their families.


Wellbeing is so much more than what we eat and how we exercise. Increase awareness in your forums through informative presentations that can be tailored to your group.

Special Events

Organicise welcomes participation in expos and special events where healthy lifestyle is valued and promoted.


Organicise empowers you to

discover your important values and adopt life changing principles.


"We all consistently commit our time and energy to the things we value. Even companies such as Kelloggs say that their values are part of their DNA and they talk about how their values guide and define the company culture. Principles are something we live by, the fundamental norms we have established in how we live our life.

When your principles are formed out of your values, you will have a more integrated life, a life that reflects what YOU care about, what's true north for YOU. VALUES are about WHO YOU ARE and PRINCIPLES are about HOW YOU LIVE, both ‘being’ and ‘doing’. Principles create habits.

"The absence of alternatives
clears the mind marvelously." 

—Henry Kissinger


A passion for empowering, enlightening, enabling and educating others.

Vera has been involved in personal and community development, working for both government, non government organisations, and in the private sector.

For over ten years, she was the manager of an inner city community centre, developing preventative measures to help people break out of their limiting mindsets and lifestyles.

And now the next exciting chapter of Vera’s life is writing Organicise to:

  • Empower,
  • Enlighten,
  • Enable, and
  • Educate.

“My hope is that in reading this book you will be inspired to begin the process of reducing chemicals, poisons and electrical pollutants in your life. But even more fundamental to this is my desire that you will set your own standards regarding what will be acceptable in your home and family. That your eyes will become organic eyes, and as a result, a sustainable transformation will begin for you resulting in a life-giving and fresher home environment.