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Creating life-giving habits with Vera.


"All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits..."

wrote William James back in 1892. Most of the choices we make each day may feel like the product of well-considered decision making, but are they? So much of what we do is simply habit. Though each habit means relatively little on its own, over time, the meals we order, what we say to our kids each night, whether we save or spend, how often we exercise, and the way we organise our thoughts and routines has enormous impact on our health, productivity, financial security and happiness.

Over time we will be exploring the whole world of creating life-giving habits, what works for you and how, when they line up with your values and mindsets, they carry weight and contribute to your greater well being. What I love about good habits is when they are operational in our lives IT'S A DONE DEAL, something we don't have to keep thinking about. EASY!

Another hurdle I have jumped over is connecting with network marketing in a way that serves me, this has been a journey and now I love it! Makes my life simpler and I can potentially build some wealth -  this is a good thing. No pressure or external expectations and I can control the email assault!


The following are habits that I have
established that work for me...


Organicise Book

Good habits come from informed decisions. Reading keeps us well-versed, knowledgeable. Much time and research along with practicality has gone into this little book. I keep it on hand to refresh me along the way.

Your home is the one place where you can take control and make informed and healthy choices about exactly what enters your world. The Organicise book is invaluable and unique in how it walks you through your home, establishing and reinforcing positive habits - greater well being for human beings.

Following my five-step process is a simple, easy and effective way to fine-tune our lives to what is important. The book offers the reader the opportunity to increase knowledge in a manageable way, with the result of making informed choices and being equipped to directly impact the health of the home environment.

“My hope is that in reading this book you will be inspired to begin the process of reducing chemicals, poisons and electrical pollutants in your life. But even more fundamental to this is my desire that you will set your own standards regarding what will be acceptable in your home and family. That your eyes will become organic eyes, and as a result, a sustainable transformation will begin for you resulting in a life-giving and fresher home environment.”




I start my day with a shot of this amazing anti-oxidant cocktail. It reassures me that each day my body is receiving health-promoting anti-oxidants that deal with those free radicals. This wonderful tonic is a product of Young Living Essential Oils. I have used many products from this company and love the quality.

Infused with the power of Lemon and Orange essential oils, NingXia Red® is a nutritious wolfberry drink that energises, fortifies and replenishes the body. Along with wolfberries, nature's most powerful superfruit, NingXia Red combines five other nutrient-dense fruits like blueberries, and pomegranates to provide energy and an array of health-promoting antioxidants.

Essential oils: Lemon, Orange, Yuzu, Tangerine.



Have a read about Young Living and if you need to have more conversation about it contact me. There are  three ways you can connect with this company:

  1. Sign-up as a standard member. This entitles you to wholesale prices with a commitment of a minimum purchase of products in a year to the value of 50pv - this is a points system they use and equates to about $75- $80.

  2. I signed up on the Essential Rewards program and receive my NingXia Red as my monthly minimum. This entitles me to great benefits.

  3. No membership - simply purchase as you go. Retail prices only.

SIGNING UP - Use my number 1568538 in the Sponsor ID and the Enroller ID boxes.

For your first order you are entitled to purchase one of the Starter Kits, best deal is to purchase one with a diffuser (one of the bottom 3 on the site). The advantage of the kit is the reduced prices as a start-up.



Frankincense essential oil - a young living essential oil

Nightly I cleanse my face with my own mixture of coconut oil, apricot kernel oil and frankincense — amazing! Cleanses, nourishes and restores. I also use it  after my shower as a body moisturiser — fabulous. I keep a small container of it in my bag!

The Apricot Kernel oil keeps the mixture at a workable consistency in the cooler temperatures. That beautiful piece of amber looking gold is frankincense resin I picked up in Petra, Jordan. This is my most fave oil, it has impacted my health in a broad range of benefits including the reduction of scars, help with headaches and an amazing anti-inflammatory. Having it in my cleanser/moisturiser gives me 24/7 ongoing benefits. I am so thrilled with it and it beats paying close to $100 for a similar purchased product.

Frankincense is extracted from the Boswellia plant and as a therapeutic grade essential oil is reputed to have properties of immuno-stimulant, anti-tumoral, anti-depressant, muscle-relaxing. This is my go to oil.