A practical guide to walk through your home and Organicise it.


The Overview

Want to detox your environment?

We know that clever marketing shouldn’t dictate our standards but with the information barrage in our world it can be hard to know exactly what to believe or even just where to begin. The Organicise book shows you how. Your home is the one place where you can take control and make informed and healthy choices about exactly what enters your world.

How can Organicise help you?

The Organicise book has done the hard work for you, funnelling the overwhelming explosion of research and information about toxins and our environment.We understand that knowledge is power and product wisdom results in informed choices that directly impact the health of you, your family and your home environment. Organicise enables you to detox your home by minimising the harm and maximising the good in a simple, proactive and effective way.



How does Organicise work?

Organicise is a 7-day system designed to detox your home and let the fresh air in, using keys, methodology and process. The Organicise steps can be completed in a time frame that works for you: seven days straight, alternate days, or even one day per week over seven weeks.
With Organicise you choose what works for you and your family.

What is the Organicise process?

The Organicise 6-step process can be applied to every room in your home:

  1. Review what needs to change
  2. Let the sun and air in
  3. Reduce dust
  4. Minimise electromagnetic fields
  5. Remove, reduce and replace chemicals and synthetics
  6. Reach a little bit more

Or, simply do what you are able to do at this point in time… remember even one small change is a step forward!



      What are the Organicise keys?

      The Organicise keys give you the freedom to make informed choices that work for where you are at now in your life.

      • A Good Fit: Organicise will work for you at the stage where you are at in your life now.
      • Look & See: Organicise will show you how to develop your organic eyes, increase your awareness and read and understand labels.
      • Truth: Organicise encourages you to observe yourself, to be more aware of the way you do things – the how, what, where and why.  And to be informed, to increase knowledge of what you are allowing in your home and in your life.

      What Is The Organicise Methodolgy?

      With the Organicise methodology you can use all three methods or simply choose the option that allows you to respond in the way that best suits you.

      • Gather information, become informed and purchase non-harmful alternatives
      • Develop a relationship with a trusted supplier
      • Organise and create your own products using natural ingredients

        Are you ready to let the Breeze flow?


        A passion for empowering, enlightening, enabling
        and educating others.

        Vera has been involved in personal and community development, working for both government, non government organisations, and in the private sector.

        For over ten years, she was the manager of an inner city community centre, developing preventative measures to help people break out of their limiting mindsets and lifestyles.

        And now the next exciting chapter of Vera’s life is writing Organicise to:

        • Empower,
        • Enlighten,
        • Enable, and
        • Educate.

        “My hope is that in reading this book you will be inspired to begin the process of reducing chemicals, poisons and electrical pollutants in your life. But even more fundamental to this is my desire that you will set your own standards regarding what will be acceptable in your home and family. That your eyes will become organic eyes, and as a result, a sustainable transformation will begin for you resulting in a life-giving and fresher home environment.